Saturday, December 1, 2012

North Face Endurance Challenge SF Championship Pictures

I'm doing an ultra on essentially the same course next weekend, so today was a good opportunity to check out the route one more time and watch some other people suffer. I was hoping to get some big panoramas on the stunning segments of trail the race takes place on, but the visibility in most areas was about 50 feet. If the fog wasn't bad enough for the racers, it has rained nonstop for 3 days so the course is about half mud half river, it was raining on and off during the race, and at the top of the ridges it was extremely windy. Still many completed the 50 miles or 50k, and chances are you don't sign up for an ultra expecting it to be easy anyway.

the large valley just North of Fort Cronkite gives you a nice
opportunity to look at the long climbs you have ahead of you 

down here in the flats was the only clear area, most of the race was in heavy fog

foggy, muddy, and windy was the story as you traversed the ridge 

if you run ultras you better have a beard, no exceptions

lots of lively spectators braved the weather at the Tennessee Valley aid station

just a bit of mud on the trail

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